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Service Management

Service Management and ITIL have almost become synonyms. Merddin has the necessary knowledge to assist you in the aspects of Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation.

Service Design

The Service Level Management (SLM) process comprises the activities required to determine and monitor the level of service desired by your customer. Service Level Management aims to make the service level transparent, to agree, to control and to account for it. Service Level Management is the process that, through a good partnership between you and your customer, ensures that an optimal level of service is agreed and controlled. Implementation of the Service Level Management process is only fully successful if the other ITIL processes are present or are also implemented.

Service Transition

Change Management is a mechanism for identifying, prioritising, initiating, evaluating and adjusting the desired changes to the service. It ensures that every change is handled in an efficient and direct manner, so that necessary changes cause no or as few disruptions in the business processes as possible. The aim is to carry out changes in a controlled manner so that disruptions and deviations from the service level as a result of these changes occur as little as possible.

Service Operation

The Incident Management process takes care of the primary handling of questions, wishes and disruptions, including the communication from (and to) the person reporting the incident. This process contributes to the fastest possible restoration of the service to the normal level, as laid down in the Service Level Agreement, with as little impact as possible on the business activities of your company and the user.