With Microsoft Teams, you work optimally and productively from home with your colleagues


Teleworking or working remotely is more topical than ever. The coronavirus (COVID-19) forces people en masse to work from home. It is important to have good tools to work remotely. Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365, offers a solution. With Microsoft Teams, you work optimally and productively from home with your colleagues. Read how Microsoft Teams works and what benefits you or your organization can get from Microsoft’s collaboration platform.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. With Microsoft Teams, you can invite everyone in your organization but also outside your organization you work with to chat, meet, call and collaborate, share files, stream presentations, all in one place, wherever you are. With Microsoft Teams, frequent email traffic with attachments is not necessary. This is because you do everything within the applications.

Technical setup

If your organization does not yet use the Microsoft services such as Office 365, you or your organization should first set up a tenant. You can read how to set up a tenant here. The choice of the tenant name is important. Think carefully about this because the name is also the domain of your organization. In other words, the chosen name is always visible in the URL.

If your organization already works with Microsoft’s services, you can skip the steps of creating a tenant. However, it is important to synchronize your organization to the Microsoft Cloud environment. You can read which steps need to be taken to do this here.

Microsoft Teams licensing

In order to work with Microsoft Teams, your employees need licenses. If your organization already has a license for Office 365, you can already work with Teams. But Microsoft wants to make sure that everyone has access to Teams during this period. If your organization does not currently have a license for Teams, you can take advantage of a free six-month offer for Office 365 E1.

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Understanding and being able to use a new application is important. Microsoft Teams itself helps you with this. Through the help button a training can be followed and topics can be consulted. Need more help? Through the Microsoft website several free “Quick Start Guide” manuals and training courses are available online, read here. In this way you and your employees can learn about the different possibilities within Microsoft Teams step by step.