We understand the responsibilities and look beyond just a technical solution

Programme and Project Management

For more than 18 years we have built up a thorough knowledge of IT technology and the human aspect. This ensures that your project is in good hands with us because we understand the responsibilities and look beyond just a technical solution.

Every organisation has to deal with changes. Whether these are imposed changes or changes that the organisation itself chooses, the implementation of these changes is a challenge for every organisation. The challenge within these change processes often lies in the possible impact on people, processes, environment or working method, or in the time pressure or complexity of the process.

Changes are being tackled more and more on a project basis. However, we do not always feel that we are achieving what we have in mind. A project can make a positive contribution in itself, but in relation to other projects it can be counterproductive. For the operational management and the overarching objectives, it is necessary to manage the coherence between projects. This is why programme management is being used more and more often.

Good project management requires a solid organisation, a well-designed preparation, a sophisticated planning and a strict follow-up during the execution up to and including delivery. This includes correct reporting. During the projects, steering on the 5 parameters (time, money, quality, organisation and information) is of crucial importance. We guarantee professional project management with technical knowledge and, last but not least, non-technical skills such as listening, organising, proactively, an eye for detail, delegating, communicating and anticipating.